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For over a decade, TONSEF LLC has been delivering quality surveillance products and security consulting services. We are helping businesses large and small protect their most valuable assets. We service the Miami and Orlando area and our goal is to help you maintain a secure environment and give you a peace of mind while you concentrate on your business. 
Tonsef Emerging Technology Consulting Services 

Why Video-Insight?

Video Insight Overview

Video Insight is a powerful, yet easy-to-use video management software that allows organizations in education, law enforcement, healthcare, commercial, and transportation the ability to deploy a customized and robust video surveillance system. With support for over 2,500 camera models, a variety of encoders, virtualization, centralization, and integration with the most popular access control systems, the Video Insight solution provides a wide range of benefits to meet all of your organization's security demands.

Additional Features

• Instant Replay
• View Layouts 
• Active Directory and LDAP group login
• Force Recording Option
• Search box allows quick access to and camera or server via partial name or ip address
• Auto-focus Button on Camera Layout Header
• 2 Way Audio on Supported Cameras
• Syncronized Audio
• 360 Degree Dewarped Images from Sentry 360 and Immervision Panoramic
• On Screen Physical and Digital PTZ Control
• 180 Degree Arecont Cameras stitched Together in Layout Mouse Overs
• PTZ Presets Accessed from Camera Layout Header
• Federated Login
• Syncronized Playback with up to 9 Cameras from Different Servers
• Pausing Live Video After Set Time
• Quickly Navigate Between Cameras from Any Server
• Picture in Picture of Zoomed Area
• Drag Cameras from Left Navigation Tree into Layout
• Camera Touring or Layout Sequencing
• Single, Quad, and Panorama views for 360 Cameras
• Cycle PTZ Presets, PAusing for Specific Interval
• PTZ Control with USB Joysticks
• Option to Lock Down Non-Admin Users from PTZ Controls
• PTZ Prioritization - Users can be Ranked from PTZ Control
• Auto Upgrade
• Drag and Drop Layouts
• Digital PTZ
• Save and Print Image
• Maintenance Records - Includes Switch Port
• Detailed System Logs
• Export Clips in Native Camera Compression or MJPEG
• All Exports Include Date/Time Stamp and Visable Logo and MD5 Invisable Watermark
• Push Live Video Pop-up Windows to Other Logged in Users
• 2Way Audio Allows Operators to Interact with Video
• Pause Individual Camera for Instant Investigation
• High Performance Option Renders Video in Real Time
• Run in Full Screen Mode with Limited Menus
• Connect up to Four Monitors per PC
• Motion Alerts Displayed for Each Camera
• Option to Play Sound on Motion Alarm
• Launch Clients in Full Screen Mode to Predefined Layouts
• Timeline
• Analytics Alerts


The Monitor Station is a standalone Microsoft .Net based application that can be installed on the same PC as the Server or on a workstation PC. Admins setup a Server List that the Monitor Station uses along with access credientials to display only authorized live and recorded images. When using Active Directory or LDAP, users credientials are passed from the Monitor Station to the Server and then to the AD Server for authentication. Running Multiple Instances

Running Multiple Instances

Using a single Operating System, Monitor Station can run as a single instance with multiple layout windows or up to four instances of Monitor Station can be started.

Automated Startup

Monitor Station can be configured to automatically login, display a specified layout and run in full screen mode. Layouts can be configured to cycle after specified time periods. For additional unattended operation options, the Video Wall application can be setup for static display of layouts.


Communication between the Monitor Station and the Server is only on request and is in a secure, proprietary format. Exported clips contain an MD5 crytographics 128-bit hash that can be validated for authenticity with the Video Insight Standalone Player.


The Monitor Station connects directly to the IP Server via ports 4010 and 4011. The Monitor Station does not connect directly to any camera or the SQL database. When accessing multiple servers, the Monitor Station will connect to each server independently and does not require a login server. When using 2 way audio, the Monitor Station communicates directly with the camera.

System Requirements

Minimum specifications depend on the number of simultaneous live images displayed. The Monitor Station recieves compressed data and uses the local CPU to decompress and display. When viewing a single image almost any Windows based PC will work. As the number of cameras or resolution increases, so do the systems requirements. If the workstation is capable, the Server will send all requested images to the Monitor Station, but if the local system is not capable of decompressing the images, the Server will automatically adjust the FPS to a lower rate.
CPU - The Monitor Station can use both Intel and AMD processors, but will take advantage of Intel's IPP embedded code to improve decoding performance.

Bandwidth Consideration

The Monitor Station can support a number of transmission options to optimize both video speed and clarity. When requested by the Monitor Station, the Server sends the full resolution and frame rate of each camera. For example, if the user requests a four camera view and each camera has a bitrate of 1.5 Mbits, the Server will send a total of 6Mbits. (If the client PC can not process the requested date, the bandwidth will be reduced). This method requires no Server processing and pushes the decompression load to the client PC's. Alternatively, for situations with bandwidth limitations, the server supports multi-streaming and Transcoding options. Dual Stream
Administrators can setup multiple connection to a single camera, each supporting different resolutions and FPS (depending on the capability of the camera). These streams can be used for live and recorded and can be setup in layouts and associated with high resolution streams. For example, if you have 16 megapixel cameras in a single 4x4 grid, instead of viewing in the full resolution, the layout can be configured with the low resolution images and when clicked, can switch to high resolution. Transcoding
For cameras that do not support multiple streams, or only support MJPEG, the Server has built in Transcoding which will convert the MJPEG images into a low bandwidth format. These options are available on a camera basis.

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